Monday, February 26, 2007

First Ride

We took our first ride yesterday with all the gear mounted up, and it was a rousing success. We took off on I-10 west through the swamps and edgewaters of Lake Pontchatrain, before heading south and crossing the mighty Mississippi and heading back to New Orleans along the river road.

Unfortuneately, there are large mounds on either side of the river so you don't actually get to see much of the river here in Louisiana, you just get to feel the presence of it off to your side, while trodding from tiny town to tiny town, each with their abandoned buildings, and the feeling that nothing new has been builts since the 70's, occasionally passing a huge modern energy plant with gas fire plumes coming from some central chimney.

Just a couple of minor things like my helmet and learning to use our garmin legend GPS and we're going to hit the road, probably on Thursday to Houston, Friday to Brownsville, and then VIVA MEXICO!