Tuesday, January 22, 2008

New friends and lovely views from Nepal

OK, we bought a snazy new camera. So, without further ado...

Kevin rolled up his pants, took off his shoes and got "down and dirty" to get a taste of the back-breaking work that is the main responsability of women in the village.

Kevin's new adopted son from the village of Lele, whom we nicknamed "Bob."

Baby goats are adorable!!!! This one (nicknamed Shakira by me) belongs to "Didi Uma", Shyane's aunt and our gracious host in Lele. Alas, much ti my dismay, I had to leave her behind when we left the village this morning.

A lovely ancient temple in the village.

A three hour trekk in the mountains...ahhh, what fresh, clean air!

Bright skies over the hills of Lele.

Diner with friends at the local "tourist trap" restaurant in Kathmandu.