Saturday, June 23, 2007

More Brazilian Friends, and proof we were here!

Sunset over Rio, with Copacabana Beach in the background

You don't get that kind of shake with your dinner in Boston!

The proof we were in Rio, the beautiful Christo overlooking the city, with the beautiful Clara overlooking Kevin.

Our retired Marine friend Carlos, who is a friend of a guy in Belem, who put up another motorcyclist, whose post we read on, took the day off to show us around Rio! The Brazilians are wonderful!

Pictures, friends, Brazil

A Trike picture for Raoul. We met these guys on the side of the road, and they were very nice. It seems almost every cool motorcyclist in Brazil has stickers from their local bike Chapter, and they love to hand them out to us! The tolls even have a special category for Trikes!

Kevin, tracking down and hunting wild alligators, barefoot!

Clara shows off her Pantanal Love Tattoo

Clara makes a necklace from a plant and an Alligator tooth

Our Friends Like to Watch

They smell the chum...

For all of you requesting more pictures, and less words....

here is Clara with a Paranha!!