Saturday, March 31, 2007

Costa Rica WooHoo

We are in a country with hot water showers! What a luxury!

We went white water rafting on the Rio Torro yesterday, about a class 3 rapids,
a lot of fun going down the sulpher river from the Volcano Arenal. Then in the evening we rode up to the edge of the Volcano and got to see the lava erupting from fissures in the side, spewing molten rock and sparks down the side of the mountain, pretty impressive!

Although this place is full of tourists, it is very nice, relaxed, beautiful and well preserved and maintained. We are going to head to the coast today, and see how far we get.

It could get pretty crazy in the next few days as Semana Santa, or easter week begins where all of central america is on vacation and ready to party. hopefully, we can find a place to stay and relax.

Clara was actually a bit happy to see me fall in a ditch on my bike at the border crossing, after all of her tip overs, we were taking a dirt road to get around the traffic and when i looked back to see if she was ok, the road gave way beneath me! No problems, just a bit awkward.

By the way, and i will have more on this later, the hotly advertised product from mexico to here is BIG COLA. We got some photos i hope to post later of some pictures of my favorite central american product. yum yum

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BIGjim said...

Knock, knock
Who's there?
Small Cola!
Small Cola who?