Monday, March 5, 2007

Day 5: Teotihuacan, Mexico

Yesterday was a riders hell!! The day began overcast and we were planning on riding about 250 miles from Tampico to Teotihuacan. It was supposed to be a nice-and-easy day...NOT!
Here is short synopsis of Sunday´s ride...after leaving our Sexy Time hotel where you pay every 4 hours (mirrors on the cielings, on the headboard, on the wall opposite and bad porn on a 30 minute loop on the TV, with doors that shut you into your garage so snooping spouses can´t see license plates) in Tampico we headed down the overcast road.
After kevin ignored perfectly good directions from the Pemex service station, he proceeded to get us lost before taking the important left turn on red across the railroad tracks right into the waiting arms of the police officer signaling us to pull over! Just what Kevin was looking for.
We played it perfectly, kevin went up and started asking him for directions and clara gave him the pissed off wife look and explained that kevin was very agitated because we just wanted to get out of town before the guy could even get in a word edgewise about giving us tickets or shaking us down for bribes. After giving us the exact same directions we had previously received from the gas station attendant we headed off down the road, got onto the highway and out of the hell town known as Tampico, MX.
ONLY TO FIND......that we were gyped on the Leonard Zakim bridge. The same friggin bridge exists in Tampico and was clearly built well before our bridge in boston. We were so flabbergasted that we stopped on the highway and took a picture (see picture of clara with bridge in the background) who would of thought that boston would copy some icky town in Mexico for its signature architecture!!!
The day was miserable rain, fog, dead dogs, hills, mountains, drunk guys on the side of the road, accidents, leading to a one mile backup of vehicles on a winding mountain road with about 25 yards visibility. WE used our bikes to go around, stopped for awhile and took the picture of kevin with the 15 guys in the truck then went up to where the accident was. It was very dangerous with trucks going up the hill at about 12 miles an hour, with impatient drivers in VW´s trying to pass, with no passing lanes, no straightaways, less big visibility, and no guardrails down the hundred of meters embankments. Clara was great, the temperature was less than 50 degrees as we could see our breath.....we finally got to a dirty old town around 4 pm that even the locals couldn´t pronounce right. We were cold and wet, and came to a stop sign where clara fell over at a stoplight to signify where we were going to stay that night. Sure enough the rex hotel was 50 feet away, where we stayed for the night, and we only had to wait two hours until they turned the hot water on!
more later, we are at a machine shop in san martin getting a missing part for clara bike custom made. kevin got a great 3 dollar haircut while we waited.

After riding all day yesterday through the most miserable conditions yet, we have finally made it to Teotihuacan; the site of the largest ruins in Mexico.


BIGjim said...

No fun at all!

That's sounds like a tough day!....but then a tough day on a long bike trip is better than a great day working!

¡estancia seca y caliente!

Meighan said...

I thought I'd seen that bridge somewhere there a brain drain in Massachusetts architecture?!

dianalily said...

drunk guys on the side of the road

You aren't missing much! Although we missed you for the St. Parasol's Day fun.