Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Greetings from guatemala!

Who's there?
Mexico who?


We took a harrowing boat ride today across the mighty rio usumacinta which forms the border between mexico and guatemala. We put the two bikes into a tiny boat almost 4 feet wide and about 25 feet long. Clara and I had our hearts in our throats a couple times as we started swaying through some rapids and whirlpools (we were "riding" the bikes in the boat). After about the longest half hour of our life we made it to bethel, guatemala. I thoroughly impressed the boatmen by previewing the next new exercise in kevins motorcycle safety course "ride the bmw up the plank of the boat, take a 30 degree jump to the left off the stern then ride straight up the muddy embankment while yelling 'woohoo' with a spanish accent."

Clara thinks they liked the woohoo the best, plus not having to push the bikes up the hill.

We were greeted by an envoy of four "cerdos" (pigs).

Just for the heck of it we stopped at imigration up the road, filled out a form, took a picture with official and headed along our way. All customs should be so easy.

(Of course kevin wanted to take the boatmens advice and smuggle into the country two kilo's up the river, but clara's clear thinking won out!)
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BIGjim said...


that reminds me of my favorite joke...

there's going to be a whole new set of BIG rules after your trip!

Jim said...

¡el motorista americano está loco!

¡sí, pero él tiene una esposa hermosa!

Diego Grande

Bill Zeoli said...

¿Qué es un par de kilos entre amigos? ¿Ellos le hicieron un favor. ...why puede usted no hace éste cosa para ellos???

dianalily said...

The photo of you two just as you revved up your cloud of "see-ya" dust:

Parasol's Day photos are in the same group. Yet all are without your fierce biker atitude, naturally. Good luck! -d.