Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Last day in Central America---Thanks to our Companeros!

I would just like to take a quick minute to thank everyone so far who has helped us along the trip. I am writing this off the top of my head as we get ready to fly away in a couple hours, so I apologize if I don't remember everyone.

The picture above is Miguel, the machine shop guy in Mexico who made up our special bracket for us in less than 2 hours for 10 bucks or so. Then of course is Garry and his wife Yvonne in Mexico City who introduced us to the land of the Mariachi's and many other things, Yarelli in the town square the greatest marketer in the world who sells corn husks sprinkled with cheese to kids and gave us free samples, Lou in Panama who treated us to dinner overlooking the Panama Canal, Nestor who was a HUGE help to us at Girag in Panama helping us get our bikes headed to Ecuador, Sam who lent me his surfboard to surf Yanqui beach in Nicaragua, Pedro who helped us fix and weld Clara's motorcycle at 5 pm on a Friday and who only asked for $3, of course Luchini who was hilarious and showed us around Boquette and bought us lunch, the woman and her cute and shy son who showed us around what soupcon things there were to see in San Vicente, El Salvador, Deb and Dave in Dominical, Randall the TICO doctor on the KTM who filled us with information about South East Costa Rica, as well as the
BMW riders club of San Jose.
There were more than this of course, I just wanted to say thanks!

The only people we don't want to say thanks to are the person who backed into my bike in the parking garage and crushed my oil cooler and fiberglass nose of the bike,
and to the cop with the name tag "E. Sanjur" about 20 miles from Santiago, Panama who pulled us over for going 110 kilometers and hour in an 100 kilometer an hour zone and then shook us down for $5. You give Panama, and cops a bad name.


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BigRaoul said...

Knock knock...
good luck in South Amarica. Keep up the excelent blog.