Monday, April 30, 2007


Today is Day 62 and...
We have visited 10 countries.
I have clocked over 5,000 miles on my bike since day 1.
Our longest riding days have been 7 hours (and around 350 miles); our shortest 1 hour, and we have never stayed off the road more than 3 days.
The most expensive hotel we have stayed in cost $72 (Quito, Ecuador), cheapest cost $15 (San Vicente, El Salvador), and best cost $50 (Granada, Nicaragua).
The most money we have spent in one day was over $1500 which included the cost of shipping our bikes from Panama to Ecuador, the least we have spent in one day is $60 including gas, meals and hotel.
We have ridden through altitudes of over 13,000 feet.
Coldest temperature we have encountered so far has been 45 degrees F, hottest 95 degrees F. In one day, we went from 91 with full sun and humidity to 50 with fog and rain, to 85 back to full sunshine and humidity in Ecuador.
I have gotten sick from food 1 time, Kevin has gotten sick 2 times (one of them can be described as ¨violently ill¨!)
I´ve had my heart in my throat at least 5 times, once while we were crossing the river from Frontera, Mex. to Bethel, Guate. in a rickety raft with our bikes, and the rest of the times have been while driving on mountain roads and trying to pass buses or other huge vehicles on two lane roads.
I´ve cried 6 times: twice out of frustration with myself and my poor riding skills, three times out of frustration with Kevin, and once as a technique to garner sympathy from a border guard in Guatemala in order to avoid paying a $100 fine (it worked!)
Kevin and I have had 3 arguments, and in the end all has been resolved through good communication and loving kisses.
I have fallen 12 times, and the bruises from the last fall(s) one week ago are still present, Kevin has fallen 3 times although I have only witnessed one of them.
Three screws have fallen off my bike, and two parts have been deliberately sawed off.
On one, and only one, occasion I have contributed to road kill. (More on this later)...
So, that is our trip so far by the numbers, and it all adds up to some great memories captured in over 700 pictures and counting!

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