Sunday, April 22, 2007

To the ends of the world.

Today, we planned to go to Otavalo, a city north of Quito famous for one of the largest and oldest crafts markets in Latin America.

At some point Kevin and I took a wrong turn which led to another and so on and so on and a trip which should have taken about one hour ended up taking us four! Although we both knew at some point that we had clearly taken the long way round we were OK because we were each having a blast!

On the road today I ran into many old friends whom I hadn't seen in a long time. First, I ran into my nemesis Dusty Road and to my delight he had brought along his friends Loose Gravel and Deep Grooves. We had a great visit for about an hour during which old differences were buried, and a new, healthier, more equalitarian relationship was forged. Then, soon after Dusty's sister appeared: Muddy Road. Coincidentally she had also invited two friends to join the party; namely Thick Fogg and Rain Showers. I was very proud of myself for having behaved like a perfect badass-moto-lady during each of these unexpected visits. In fact, to Kevin´s delight I was even heard letting out a number of woo-hoos throughout the ride!

In the end, we made it to Otavalo, wet, muddy, and a bit cold but with huge smiles on our faces on account of the great fun we both had on the amazingly picturesque roads we traveled to get here.

We walked the marked for about an hour and Kevin bought me a beautiful hand-made wool sweater.

We found a hotel, had dinner and shared our first bottle of wine of the whole trip at a nice restaurant.

We are now in bed at our hotel and Kevin has passed out next to me with his arms wrapped around me, right now life is good!


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Jerome said...

It looks like a great trip despite the motorcycle maladies. Say Hi to Kevin and I'm looking forward to meeting you when you both return.