Thursday, June 7, 2007

Day 100!!! Celebrating a milestone with new friends in Brasil.

Today marks our 100th day on the road. Wow, I cannot believe it. We rode over 300 miles from Iguazu to Dourados. When we arrived here, we stopped at a gas station to try to get some information about local hotels. While we were there a young guy stopped and introduced himself. He said that he was a motorcycle enthusiast and he asked us if we had a place to stay, we said no, and immediately he asked/told us that we should stay with him at his house! So we said yes (all this between Spanish and Portuguese). We followed him to his house not really knowing what to expect, and to our delight we found out that we hit the jackpot! Our new friend EDINHO lives in a beautiful house with his parents and his girlfriend. He led us into the open courtyard behind his house and showed us where we could park and wash our bikes. Then he showed us to his room and told us to make ourselves at home. He then proceeded to call some friends and family on the telephone and organized an inpromtu churrasco in our honor. What a guy! What a great night! In no time, Edinho´s home was filled with fun and friendly people and we ate and had some great fun. This was a truly great night in the siprit of what this trip is all about, finding the good people in this world.

PS: When we were returning to Campo Grande and another perfect stranger on a motorcycle flagged us to pull over and insisted we spend the night at his beautiful home! Thanks again Ruhben.

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Parabéns pela viagem, chegando em Campo Grande, me liguem.
Abraços do Gargamel.