Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Amazon adventure awaiting...

Today we booked and paid for our boat trip up the Amazon river to the city of Manaus. We will be loading our bikes on the ship tomorrow at 9am sharp. We got lucky and were actually able to get tickets for one of the better ships on the Amazon, and Kevin splurged on a private bunk cabin for us - with AC!!
The "Amazon cruise" will last five days and will hopefully provide an opportunity to see unusual flora and fauna, although from what we hear, all you really get to see is lots of water. We did stock up on some goodies and books, but we did not end up getting Pringles because, much to my surprise and chagrin, they cost about $8(US) here and even I cannot justify paying that much for delicious junk food.
We know it has been a while since we´ve posted pics, but I think this up-river trip will help us end the dry spell...
We´ll see.

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