Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Happy july 4!

We are in the tiny town of Capanema, about 100 miles from Belem, our port destination on the Amazon. It feels really good to be almost there. We have traveled about 2500 miles in 9 days from Rio (including a record of more than 400 yesterday because we couldn't find a hotel for 90 miles!)

Brazil is Big! Friendly, Green and hot!

We enjoyed a day on the beach in Sao Loius, and 2 days in Salvador listening to the music and seeing the old churches.

Although we are really looking forward to the Amazon (and I am thinking of trying to slide into Guyana for a time) it feels as if our long journey through South America is nearing its end. It seems odd to say that because we will be here probably another month, but once we get on the boat and start chugging up the Amazon there will be no turning back.

To our US friends, enjoy the 4th and remember those most important of words "we hold these truths to be self evident, that All men are created equal"

By the way, it appears as if clara's one woman quest to fill a trophy case of south american animals now includes a large Anaconda. Of course, I let her know that my anaconda don't want none unless its got buns hun!
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Bill Zeoli said...

Fabulous posts and pics....keep them coming!! I'm not only amazed at the experiences so far, I'm also proud to know two people who have actually chosen to DO big things rather than just talk about them. Keep going and "Hay Carumba!!!!"