Thursday, August 23, 2007


We had a gorgeous beautiful ride yesterday. Everyone said it was the nicest weather in two months. We went along the southwest coast cutting over to Cork, where a great lad Al pulled up to us on his GS at a stoplight, brought us to the best chippie in town and treated us to food and stories before heading off to the dentist.

We went down to the coast again, to Clonakilty, Skibberdeen and to Bantry where we camped for the night on the shore of the bay. There was a rally of old men and their old motorcycles on the roads, black outfits on black cycles, with the occasional singe of gray haired beards under a half helmet and goggles. The passion never dies...

I think I saw an AJS from the 20's, a few vintage sidecars and one solo rear wheeled car. All zooming through in traffic, no parading for them!

Delicious lamb chops for dinner, a pint at the pub with some local flute and music box before retiring under budget for the first time in Europe.

On to Kerry to confront the tourists!
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