Friday, August 17, 2007

Just a bit of Wales and Stonehenge

We both were in Wales for the first times of our life today. The A55 is a pretty road, with delicious soon to be mutton chops in the fields, and a blustery sea off to the right. The mountains(or large hills depending on your definition) had a peculiar mix of red and green shrubs desperately clinging to the hillsides which were mostly loose rock and shale. Amazing how different mountains can be from place to place.

At the Ferry Terminal I enjoyed some fish and chips next door to The Boston, a local watering hole.

Finally, we visited Stonehenge early last week, and it was underwhelming. But we took a picture anyway!

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bobsblog said...

Hi Kevin and Clara,
Imprest! Bobs now a Blogger.
Nice having you both in Leeds and wished you could have stayed longer will catch up with you in the near future.
Hope you are enjoying Ireland and hope to here from you soon.
Good luck with the rest of your adventure
Bob and Mags