Friday, August 31, 2007

Off to see the Queen!

We have arrived in the town of Alford, near Aberdeen in Scotland, home of my friend Phil Lodge.

Tomorrow is the Braemer gathering, the most famous gathering of the clans for the highland games. The Queen and other royals shall probably be there.

Phil is the "chosen man" to Haemish, the head of Clan McClean. We arrived unannounced around 7 pm and since then have gone mushroom picking in a range rover through a field protected by a giant bull, seen wild rabbits, foxes and owls, tried some swords out for size, were loaned some antique quilts (including a McCrea tartan from his mother) from Haemish for the games and did some nighttime target practice with Phils nightvision rifle, before sharing a wee dram of whiskey before bed. In other words, a typical day out.

Clara has been riding with all the packs to simulate riding with a passenger, her next goal. We also saw a long haired red cow with big horns. I put on a new rear tire today, and bought a new front which is strapped to the back of my bike so we look like real "world tourers"

Can't wait for the log throwing tomorrow.

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John Mc said...

way cool. You'll have to let me know if Clan MacLachlan is there! You might run into a relative or two of mine. :)

- J