Sunday, August 5, 2007

We are in Caracas!!!

This is another picture from Manaus, where we went to a Jazz concert at the Opera House and at the end of the show the band left down the main center aisle followed by the whole crowd and the party started in the foyer then out in the street. If they did this in Boston the police would arrest everyone! Imagine the horrors of a spontaneous party at 11 pm on a Thursday!!!

We have reached our final desination in South America, the city of Caracas. We used the old "look stupid and lost" technique to once again find a great host. As we pulled into an area where our guidebook said there were hotels, we stopped on the side of a pedestrian shopping thoroughfare. As Clara went and looked for a hotel, "Daniel" came by and asked if I spoke Spanish. I answered yes, and soon he was explaining about taking his 650 motorcycle around South America in the near future. By the time Clara came back he was ready to ask us to stay with him!

Works almost some of the time! We just enjoyed a wonderful meal at the home of he and his wife, whom he warned us is a full utilizer of the talents of the local silicon implanters.

I started to diagnose the problems with his Yamaha dragstar 650 (maybe 400) which he knows nothing about, including how his petcock works. (But rest assured, petcocks are working pretty well around South America..., bu dump bump)

We'll see if I can get his electrical problems worked out before we get kicked out of the house!

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