Friday, September 7, 2007

As Gruff as a Billygoat

Kevin On top of an Historic Bridge in the Speyside

We survived our night on the shore of Loch Ness, alas no sighting. We spent the next day at the gorgeous Eilean Donan, the ancestral Castle of the McCrea's. It was rebuilt in the early 20th century after being blown up during the Jacobite risings.

Scotland is rugged, beautiful and hard. The kind of place you fall in love with in a deep, earthly way. Maybe the only place you would put on a tartan skirt and wield a 6 foot broadsword against superior numbers in order to defend. Life is not bountiful, but it has everything one could need.

We spent last night on Skye, before coming over crossing some haunting mountains which looked like the hugest ancient temples in the world, wrapped in mist, to settle at Applecross for the night. Joining us are Andy and his partner and friends. Andy, his sidecar and sidekick just spent 1.5 years in South America where they met many of the same people we did such as Tom and Christy. Easy bonds are made amongst such similarly minded people. Who couldn't like a guy and a sidecar driving around South America and Scotland!

Up the west coast tomorrow, wheather weather permits or not.

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