Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Live from Oktoberfest

We have arrived at a beer hall at Oktoberfest. Of course it is raining and it rained for 60 miles coming into MUNICH. We set up our tent in the rain, we were cold and wet, as we could see our breath. We took the bus and train but didn't really pay. Our new motto is "when in Rome, don't pay for the train"

But back to the subject: beer. We are on our second beer. They are about $10 a piece but they are one liter. We are with about 5,000 of our closest German friends, 2 brits on a bachelor party, 4 Japanese girls and one Scott who is too drunk to say "hello, I am from Scotland". It is 9:10 on a Tuesday night, and I am ready to give the title of Worlds Greatest Beer Drinkers to the Germans.

The beer "tent" is enormous maybe 200 yards by 100 yards. There is a brass and guitar band on the platform in the center of the room playing German drinking songs, Beatles tunes and some John Denver thrown in for good measure. Most people are standing on the benches dancing and cheering. My favorite has been the Blues Brothers "I need you!". I, of course, had to stand up and utter one of the great lines from the movie " I hate Illinois Nazi's"

There are enough Leiderhosen here to give a herd of cows collective heart attack. The frauline cleavage in the traditional wench outfits is enough to make me occasionally divert my eyes from the mesmirizing Clara.

In other words, we are having No Fun at All.

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