Monday, October 22, 2007

Torrential downpours!

After a wonderful homecooked meal of pasta and mushrooms, and conversation with our pension mate, a retired teacher from Canada we went to bed. One of us could hardly sleep wondering how a certain game 7 would turn out.

We awoke to great news from Fenway and overcast skies in southwest Turkey. We spent a couple hours looking at rugs again at a govt. Cooperative, learned more about the process and even saw how they turn silk cocoons into thread.

The afternoon was dark and stormy, 3 straight hours of heavy rain, preceeded by one hour of moderate rain as a warm up. We passed through Izmir a city of 3 million, which featured slums reminiscent of Caracas. The roads were flooded and many sewers backed up but we made it through.

We are now in Selcuk, near the ancient city of Ephesus and also home to one of the seven ancient wonders of the world: the temple of Artemis. Yesterday we saw one of the 7 churches of the apocalypse the Red cathedral of Bergama.

Basically their is a lot of heavy shit going down in this part of the world. Oh, and the virgin Mary lived here along with St. John, and 7 guys who fell asleep for 300 years before being resurrected.

And now, Clara has been here as well. Soaking wet from the effort. We clearly are rain Gods as the moisture follows us everywhere. It hadn't rained in 6 months til we showed up.

Go sox!

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Catherine said...

As a resident of Selcuk (and as a fellow American!), I'd like to thank you for bringing the rain!!!

Happy and safe travels...