Friday, November 16, 2007

Museum day in Istanbul

Today we trecked out in the rain to visit some museums with our friends Alex and Adrienne...shown here guiddy from excitement at the Tiled Pavillion Museum. (By the way, under no circumstances should anyone assume or believe that Alex is in any shape or form a nice guy! In fact, he is nothing but a scruffy, germ carrying, former dreadlock wearing, surly dude!) Me, oh and some amazing tiles too. Kevin wants to know why blue is such a favorite color of tile makers??? Big among the sarcophagi, getting ideas for his own and complaining that the marble work on these is nicer than his fireplace at the Big house. BIG guy at the entrance of the Archaeology Museum. Amazing view from our temporary residence at Gille's place. Party at Gille's with Jerome, Serap (with baby), Hakan, Ravza, Kevin and I, and no Gilles because he is away in Ankara and you know the deal about what the mice do when the cat is away... Video of beautiful Sarcophagi to give you all some culture for the day!

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