Thursday, November 22, 2007

Thanksgiving in Turkey!

A lot of people think it is funny that we are in Turkey for Thanksgiving.

Needless to say, but not a lot of people celebrating here. But, we are very excited because our passports are finally on their way back to us by UPS and we can start traveling again. Hopefully hit the road next week, East or West we are not sure, but "I can't wait to be on the Road Again!"

It is a beautiful day here, and I hope everyone in America has a great day, eats well, and decides not to buy into too much consumerism tomorrow. Invite a lonely neighbor, or do what I did last year and volunteer at a homeless shelter or deliver meals. It was very much appreciated, and definitely made me feel better than just sitting on a couch and watching football.



jan said...

hi folks,
hello from munich,
finally marko is back!
he is in munich staying with us.
he made it to salzburg where we picked him up. without bike registration he didn't try to enter bavaria :-)
good luck!

Anonymous said...

Only one question: Did you have turkey in Turkey?


P.S. What do you mean East or West? I thought it was east!