Thursday, December 6, 2007

The curse of Clara

Somewhere in the Ottoman empire Clara picked up a curse. The curse of the Missing Menu Item. As we have been traveling around, restaurants have mysteriously not had what she has picked out. At one point on the Aegean coast she picked out three succesive things which they didn't have until they she reluctantly had what I chose.
Our friends Alex and Adrian didn't give her story much credence until we went out to dinner in Istanbul and they didn't have Iskender! That is like going to KFC and the Colonel not having any chicken.
Here in the former Ottoman Empire country of Greece, the curse has continued. In Meteora, a traditional Greek mountain village they didn't have Mousaka the classic Greek staple. Then today in Athens, we went to McDonalds for a quick refreshment and they didn't have the yogurt and fruit Clara wanted, but they did have my milkshake!

I have stopped telling her what I pick off the menu for fear she will want the same thing and curse us both!
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