Wednesday, December 26, 2007

What is in our future?

Today we visited the beautiful pink sandstone Mehrangarh Fort perched high atop a mountain overlooking the blue colored houses and impossibly crowded narrow streets of Jodhpur.

At the end of our visit we had our fortunes told by the official fort astrologer and palmist. We sat in his office while he read our right hands as curious onlookers stood by the open door and listened to Mr. Sharma tell me that I am a perfectionist, independent, hot-tempered, extremely organized, ambitious, and less idealistic than I used to be. Incredibly, he told Kevin much the same except that instead of organized he is very perceptive and prone to "checking and rechecking things". He told me that I will prosper financially in my late thirties (one can only hope!) and that I am in the right profession; but he suggested to Kevin that he should look into working outside the US. He told us both that we were in a good relationship and that kids are in our future. He also said we both needed to watch our blood pressure: Kevin right now and me after age 50; and we both need more calcium in our diet. Kevin will live to be 80 and I will live to age 84.

Having never had my palm read before, I was quite happy with the reading while Kevin was more underwhelmed and skeptical, but we both agreed that it was fun and interesting and we discussed it while we rode all the way accross town to our next destination.

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