Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Back to india!

After a harrowing days ride of 200 miles through Pakistan which included a ridiculous Police pullover and a close encounter of the muddy kind with a donkey and its cart we made it to the border with 10 minutes to spare.

The Pakistani guys were incredibly nice again and rushed us through but the Indians wouldn't let us in. Staring a night in No Mans land in the eyes forced me to whip out the cash and bribe the Supervisor. The carnet people remembered us and let us in without any additional payment. Clara was pissed but it was only $5.

It feels good to not worry about the Taliban and suicide bombers although the traffic was waiting for us with full fury.

I spent my last night in Pakistan broadcast nationally on Radio 1, FM 91 taking questions from callers and from SMS messages from 11 to midnight with my Pashtoun soul brother number one Fasi. People asked about George Bush, India v. Pakistan and lots about bikes. The people were great and we got way more calls than normal and they asked us back tonight, but as Eric Burden would say "we gotta get out of this place!". Pakistan leaves the last 20 miles to the border a muddy chaotic mess to remind you not to come back, however being objective I think the Pakistani border guards were better at the Worlds most watched and elaborabe border closing.

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