Sunday, February 10, 2008

Bye, bye thailand

We have arrived in the Capital of Laos, Vientiane. The place is crawling with Westerners, who knew?

We will try and figure out what the attraction is.

We joined a renegade Thai biker gang yesterday "" is their website. They almost all ride illegal motorcycles from hayabusas to gsxr1000's to ripsnorting Honda 400's. We met them at coffee hill on the magnificent route 12 and we raced with them to NamNao National Park where we obtained a tent and drank whiskey and beer with them under the stars until the wee hours of the morning; laughing, joking, drinking and bonding. As always, building bridges and tearing down walls.

120 miles along the Mekong today, stopping for soccer matches, a motocross derby and a stretch of highway where Edward Scissorhands lives with topiary for miles in either direction.
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toddy said...

I love gixers. The Suzuki GSX-R1000's dominance are simple. Sublime, lithe ergonomics and handling, radical styling and full-on usable power. The bikes looks good too. Im thinking of buying one. gonna check out some bike insurance quotes to see how much this beast is gonna cost me to get on the road. then i'll have to sweet talk the wife into letting me have one.