Friday, February 15, 2008


As we rode the 100 mile butt buster road from Thailand to Siem Reap in Cambodia I was thinking about American Icons. Specifically John Wayne and the Kennedys.

John Wayne because we met a Canadian on a honda 250 cruiser, with his young Vietnamese wife, who lives in Vietnam and has been cruising around southeast asia on his 250 rebel for the last 6 years. His name: John Wayne. We exchanged stories for a few minutes while cruising down the road, he with no helmet, gloves, etc but with a guitar strapped on!

I was thinking of the Kennedy's as well. Specifically the Dead Kennedy's who sang the song "Holiday in Cambodia", one of my favorites from my punk rock teenage years. I was singing it in my helmet as we went the 100 miles of dirt and gravel and potholed "road" that is not being finished because the airline execs are paying off the corrupt government to keep people from driving here.

If someone (Mike and Diane???) Could send me the music file of that song I would appreciate it!

This place is the closest thing to Disneyland we have found in the world. Full of tourists, big hotels, and a quaint city center filled with restaurants, bars and all foreigners!

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