Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Done tripping!

OK, I am finally, finally, really, really back in Boston...for good...for now, and that's final. I have just finished unpacking from my visit to Miami to see my mamita and my brother and my friends (in that order!). It was very very nice to be amongst my family and most beloved friends whom I'v not seen in a year. However, even with all the great food, great wine, great company and great weather, I must say that I was quite happy to arrive in Boston today and be greeted by my loving husband, knowing that I won't be going anywhere for a while. I need to give my roots some time to grow back; just in time for Spring!

PS: Believe or not, even after just returning from our RTW trip where I rode over 25,000 miles on my bike, my brother still wouldn't let me ride his new Ducati Monster!!! Girls just can't get a breat when it comes to boys and their two-whelled toys!

Besitos a todos.


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Brook said...

Hi guys! Welcome back! This is Brook... yup, that Brook. Haven't seen you since the wedding. I just stumbled across you guys while I was poking around on the internets. Glad to see you're home now. Great to see pix of the trip. Sounds like a BIG adventure. Hugs to you both. David and Bix say hi! -b