Thursday, March 20, 2008

Scenes from the amazing Pakistan India Border night show

Every night at sundown the Pakistani and Indian armies try and outdo each other with shows of macho marching, long toned yelling, and deferential respect. Clara had the camera trying to record the long monosyllabic call to attention.

Hundreds of people come to watch the ceremony which lasts about 1/2 an hour, with the crowds yelling nationalistic slogans back and forth...

"Long live Hindustan" !!! They yell on the Indian side.

When we left India, sometimes Clara and I would start up the chant:

"No More:" followed by "Hindustan!


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linda said...

Hi, Kevin and Clara!
Welcome back to Boston! This is Linda Rodriguez from the South End News -- I wanted to see if you folks would be interested in doing a story with us about your year around the world? We'd love to get some of your pictures in the paper!
You can reach me at the paper, 617-266-6670 ext. 240.
Hope you're well,