Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Nica dreamin'

We recenlty returned from a one-week birthday getaway in Nicaragua, and as usual we managed to have a fantastic time in San Juan Del Sur. Before we hit the beach though, we spent the night in Managua with the purpose of visiting what was reported to be the "best Irish pub in the city"...Hmm, I don't think so! In fact, this place is so NOT and Irish pub that according to Kevin, if the owner's friedns and family back home actually knew what his place looked like he would never be able to sho his face in Ireland again.
As a result of the time change we experienced upon arrival in Nicaragua, Kevin and I got up unusually early and were on the road by 6:30am, so our ride to the coast was smooth and stress free. We had beach time, fishing time, and plenty of talking time with our Canadian friend Adam and his new business partner. Kevin even found time to play in a Texas Hold'em tourney. We met some great new people, including the front-runner in the mayoral race. Even though this is the rainy season over there, we got very lucky with the weather and only got rained on slightly on a couple of occasions. We were not so lucky in other departments as we had the quintesential Central American never-stops-barking-after-mignight-dog right outside our window every night, the radio from our rental car was stolen, and we missed our flight home. No real harm was done however and as we left the country we were already planning our next visit...Do come join us!


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