Thursday, February 26, 2009

Goodbye to Fasi from Pakistan!

Yesterday we said goodbye to our friend Fasi Zaka. He is a journalist we met while in Pakistan, and the second friend made during our RTW trip to visit us. He was with us for about two weeks and spent most of his time campaigning with Kevin. He and Kevin have decided that they are twins (born a mere 10 years appart) because they share so much in common in terms of political views, taste in music, sense of humor and outlook on life. Fasi was great fun to have around and we will miss his imposing presence in our home!

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Josh Forde said...

Hi guys!

Josh Forde here, we met in Panama. I was going through my contacts and just thought to check out your website. Glad to see you are all going so well. Hopefully we can visit you someday soon.

I am in regular contact with Tim Morgan too, I helped him do some construction just yesterday...

Well, I'll be in touch soon.