Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Clara finally rides a Duc!

It's been a couple of months since the big event. In late July, I was in Miami visiting my brother and he was gracious enough to let me borrow one of his Ducatis to ride (not before clearing it with Kevin several times though!).

I was nervous at first getting on his beautiful machine because he was so nervous about the potential for disaster. Mariano has never seen me ride and we have never ridden together, so I could completely understand his hesitation. Also, he had lent this bike to one of his friends not too long before my ride and the guy had dropped it in a parking lot!

So, we geared up for our midnight ride (Mariano prefers to ride after midnight when he can have the streets of Miami all to himself). It was warm and muggy but I still suited up, and then removed my leather jacket at the last minute because it really was unbearable. The bike was a bit higher than my BMW so I had to handle it on my tippy toes, but it felt centered and stable and not too heavy at all. Once we were off all the nerves settled and we had an awesome ride through the Gables and South Beach.

It was quite emotional for me to ride alongside my "little brother" on these two stupendous super bikes.

Gracias Marianosky!!


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