Thursday, February 22, 2007

Chomping at the Bit!

We still have not been able to resolve the electrical issue that has been holding us up here in New Orleans. However, we feel that we are getting very close to "go" time. So, today we laid out everything we're taking and packed up our panniers (aka, side bags). Kevin was pretty amazed that we still had some room left over in each bag after packing everything up, but I knew that would be the case since I do fancy myself a master packer. After surveying the equipment, we took one final trip to various stores to get the final things on our lists; sleeping bags, a GPS, ziplock bags, and things of that sort that we thought would come in handy! So, here is the final tally of what will be coming with us:
Clara - 1 pair of jeans, 1 pair of "zippy pants" (nylon pants that turn into shorts), 2 short sleeve t-shirts, 1 long sleeve t-shirt, 1 safari shirt with longs sleeves and collar, 2 pairs of riding socks, 2 pairs regular socks, 1 pair of hiking shoes, 2 bathing suits (mom says you should always take 2), underwear, rain suit, heated jacket liner, sleeping bag, camera, blackberry, toothbrush/paste, soap, shampoo, face cream, deodorant, first-aid kit, pain meds, hat.
Kevin - 1 pair of jeans, 1 t-shirt (Boston Red Sox of course!), 1 pair of zippy pants, 1 safari shirt, 2 undershirts, underwear, 2 pairs of riding socks, 1 pair regular socks, 1 pair of sneakers, rain suit, heated jacket liner, 1 bathing suit, first-aid kit, tools, sunscreen, bug repellent, tooth brush, floss, hat, vitamins, GPS, travel books/maps.
As you can see, we are ready, ready, all we need is some open road.

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BIGjim said...

Hey guys!

Good luck on the trip!

I'll be checking the blog to see what BIG things are happening...

Have no fun at all!