Monday, February 19, 2007

Getting everything ready and enjoying Mardi Gras

Haven't left yet...
Happy Lundi Gras!
We're still in New Orleans, tying up some loose ends at our house and getting our motorcycles and gear ready. In the meantime, we're taking in all that NOLA has to offer during the Mardi Gras season...great music, lots of parades, fun parties and lots of beads and other great "throws". We've met some fantastic people who have lavished us with their hospitality and are sure to become long-lasting friends (shout out to Katie, Richard, Margared, Meighan, David, Suzanne...and many more).
Kevin finished mounting his panniers and putting locks on both our panniers, and we took a short teaser ride yesterday to a party.
Tonight we'll be catching the evening parade, Krewe of Proteus, and then we'll be heading off to catch some more live music until the wee hours. Then we'll come home and put on our "costumes" before we head out to catch the Krewe of Zulu and the rest of the Mardi Gras Day parades and I'll catch up with you when we've recovered!

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