Friday, March 2, 2007

Day 2: Brownsville, Texas.

Today was our second day on the road.

Yesterday we made it from NOLA to Houston. It was a rough beginning as we rode through heavy rain and strong winds for about the first 100 miles. Then the rain stopped, but the winds persisted throughout the day. By the end of the day, I was very, very tired and sore. My knees, arms, and back hurt; my ears were sore from the headphones of our communication system pressing against them; and my eyes were dry and my vision blurry. This was the longest I had ever spent on a motorcycle. As a result of my fatigue, I dropped my bike on it's right side while just waiting at a stoplight! Soon after, we found a hotel and called it a day: 350 miles and about seven hours of riding.

This morning we had a hearty breakfast at IHOP where the manager decided to play a trick on Kevin when we were paying the bill: "Sir, your credit card has been denied" he said to Kevin, while giving me a sly smile. But Kevin took him seriously and was soon on the phone with the credit card people. All was good and the MasterCard lady was confused as to why he was calling. It took Kevin a couple of minutes to warm up to the fact that he had been "punked" by the wily IHOP manager...but he finally cracked a smile as we were leaving the restaurant. The drive today was a lot better in terms of weather. It was a very nice, dry, sunny day; but the winds caught up with us once again for the last 100 miles. We did another 350 miles today and made it to Browsville, just minutes from the Mexican border. By the end of the ride my knees were hurting and feeling numb again. I have told Kevin that my limit is 250 miles, no more no less, and I think he finally got the point today when I dropped my bike again, this time to the left side, as we were parking at the hotel! No harm done, and all is good. We checked in at about 5:30 pm and had plenty of time to wash our bikes ("a clean bike is a happy bike) and take a dip in the pool. Well, we both washed but only Kevin dipped because it was too cold for my liking. However, after the bike washing and before the pool dipping, Kevin decided that he wanted to make an adjustment on my bike that entailed sawing! You see, when I fell over yesterday, the brake light on my bike got stuck "on" so once Kevin figured out what was making the break light switch stay engaged, he decided that the best way to fix the problem and prevent it from happening again if I happened to tip over again, was to saw off about an inch from my front break lever. So, my objection to the remodeling was duly noted on the record, but off it went anyway. Kevin said justified the minor amputation by saying that it made him feel safer knowing that by break light will work properly no matter what (I like that) and by telling me that now my bike had some personality because according to him, all "real riders" make adjustments to their bikes...OK then, just as long as I get to be first in line when it's time to saw something off his bike.

We just finished our delicious pizza and are getting ready to stretch out on the bed a watch movies 'till we fall asleep. Tomorrow: Mexico.


Aileen said...

Clara, I love your stories with the bike and the 250 miles limit! I am so happy that you pass the exam!!! Take care, xoxo, Aileen

Rick, 6th St. said...

It's true, you can fix almost anything with a hacksaw and duct tape. Goooooo guys!

Rick, 6th St. said...

Also, I need to contact the two young people at your going away party(already forgot their names) he's a graphics/PC guy, she does voiceovers, for some possible work.
Contact me at 453-7861. tx Rick