Thursday, March 1, 2007

Finally...Here we go!

We are leaving today; in about half an hour our Big trip begins. Kevin has his cool new helmet painted by our great friend Jim McCarthy, I have my MA license in order (passed both my exams, yey!), and we have electricity coming for our house in NOLA. We had a great send-off BBQ yesterday with some of our friends here at our loft and we had a good night's sleep. All is good and it is finally time to go!


BIGjim said...


Hard Ten all the way!

(check your email when you get a chance...I'm sending a Hard Ten logo I just made for you)

Have no fun!

colin said...

Nice helmet, dude. Tough break (or should I say "breakage") with the bike, Clara. Fear not, it'll get easier. Good luck and have fun.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on passing the boards, you go girl! Its your birthday. Light a candle. Do the bunny hop. Did you cut your hair, it looks short in the photos? Well, hang in there on the ride. I wish they had padded seats, and legs rests on the bike for you. That would clearly help. Call if you want to touch base with Boston. It is cold here!!!