Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Enjoying the beach

Clara and I are sitting on the porch of the 30 dollar landmark hotel in san juan del sur, nicaragua. The waves are gently rolling in across the street on sandy bay shore.

No fun at all.

As we were riding here yesterday we were joined on the road by tim james morgan ( a brit who we met 4 countries ago in

Guate. He was on the road to peru to meet with his girlfriend. He saw us driving through Rivas as he was putting a new rear tire on his BMW 1150 and zoomed along to catch us. Tiny world! We had dinner with a local american friend he was staying with, sean, who moved here from FLA.

Pretty nice meal on the beach, although we ordered 3 grilled fish, and got 2 fried ones, "welcome to nicaragua" says Sean. As with everywhere we go, drugs are apparently a problem with cocaine at 3 bucks a gram or an ounce or however you buy that stuff.

A bunch of canadiens here, can't believe they'd trade Winitoba for this in March. All you can do here is surf, fish, sail, dive and lay on the beach. No hockey rinks, although you can buy parakeets, monkeys, and large dead lizards on the side of the road!

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Patrick Burbank said...

Oye mamita, que locura! Just catching up on your exploits...sounds like some great memories so far. BTW, did you ask the locals in Mexico for a Corona? I always enjoy their reaction..."cojones, gringo de mier...why you want to drink our pee water?"