Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Q and A...

Some of our friends and family have asked some questions that may be of interest to other people, so in the interest of disseminating information for all, here are some answers:
Q1) Do we stink at this point? A1) Not at all, in fact I am happy to report that Kevin and I have been able to take showers EVERY day since we left! (Although the hot water has become more and more scarce the furhter south we go, but when its 90 degrees out, who needs a hot shower?)
Q2) How has the food/drink been? A2) So far Kevin's favorite food has been the 50-cent tacos in Mexico because of price, flavor, variety, and general folklore. I particularly enjoyed the food in Placencia, Belize; and, actually today we had lunch at an out-of-the-way establishment in the middle of nowhere and it was absolutely delectable: fresh fish carpaccio, grilled fish fillet with fresh steamed vegetables, rice, potatoes and salad. Yum! In addition, I have developed a slight addiction to Fanta (orange flavor, of course.) I can't pass it up whenever I see it, I've just gotta have it.
Q3) Have drank a lot of cerveza...Corona? A3) Not! As many of you know, Kevin and I are lightweights when it comes to alcohol, so altogether, we've probably had about four beers between the two of us the whole time. And, yes, Mexicans actually do drink Corona!
So, I hope this helps clear some things up...keep the questions coming.

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