Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Argentine border

Knock, knock
Who is there?
Bolivia who?

We made it through Bolivia. Amazing desolate scenery through the mountains, deserts and Salar. We traveled 7 hard hours yesterday to go 130 miles. Clara had a number of spills, and I ended up on my side as well. We had to negotiate mountain passes, unmarked roads and even ride 2 kilometers up a muddy river. In 7 hours we saw 18 other vehicles.
That's not to mention the sand dunes which took over the road, the ghost towns and the constant rippled road which is exacting its toll on our bikes.

We went the final 60 miles to the border today in 3 hours which included a flat tire repair on my bike.

There is sign here at the border that says it is 5121 km to Ushuaia. We won't make it this time. We need to be in Caracas by the beginning of July which means some hard riding ahead after we get new tires in Buenas Aires.

Bolivia is very poor and cheap. In 6 days we struggled to spend $300. Dinner of ubuquitous chicken, rice and french fries is less than a dollar a plate.

The scenery is fantastic. Snow capped mountains, deep river canyons with dried river beds, beautiful alpacas and llamas all around, we even saw a pair of ostriches or something similar running across an empty plain after drinking at a mirror flat planer pond.

The people are friendly when asked but don't go out of the way. As one person said to us they seem to not care if tourists are there or not.

We just got approved to get into argy! (After 3 people putzed for an hour and a half)

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