Thursday, May 24, 2007

The revolution can be hired!

We are in argentina where wednesday is demonstration day. So once again we had a number of road blockings with the thorny bushes, tree limbs, burning tires and a new twist, a railroad push cart!

Apparently every wednesday there are demonstrations and you can even hire people to sit and protest for you. This explained a number of women knitting at one roadblock.

Argentina is much like rural america maybe colorado or wyoming. The difference netween bolivia and here is amazing, greater than between the US and Mexico.

We are travelling with two germans on africa twins, tom and christine. They are finishing up 9 months of travels around southern south america.

We had lunch with them and two great argentines, also on africa twins, yesterday. We took the requisite group photo and my trip was made when one of the guys called me "che" and told us to visit him in Cordoba. ("Che" is a friendly argentinean term for a fellow compenearo)

Off for another 350 k's today

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