Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Greetings to Bolivia!!!

knock, knock,
who is there?
peru, who

and it couldnt have happened soon enough.

i coined a poem:

Peru, Peru
Malayuyu a tu (pronounced ¨´mall a jew jew´¨
your scenery is beautiful,
too bad
the people
try to screw you
peru, peru
good thing the inkas
were here
or no one would come
to visit you

When we woke up this morning, after being kept up till midnight by student
protests, singing, fireworks and shouting, we were told that the students would be barricading all the roads for the next two days. So we didn´t have breakfast to try and get out of town ASAP. Sure enough, there were remnants of the street blockings and battles for the next 30 miles. Broken glass in the roads, burnt
spots on the tarmac and rocks and stones strewn around. Lovely.

My last 3 minutes in Peru summed up my whole trip there. As I was standing by my motorcycle in front of the rope that seperates peru from bolivia, a man came up to me and started talking in a friendly manner. Asked about my bike, and how I liked
the country, and thanks for visiting. I was thinking to myself ¨"it figures that a nice person from peru comes up to me right at the end of my trip to try and give me a good impression of the country, in the last minute before I leave" I told him "buenas dias" he wished me good luck and I turned around to walk my bike under the rope (as many locals had been doing) and proceed to Bolivia. Just then a guy comes over to me and says "5 soles to pass the rope!" I looked at him and just gave a less Big laugh, said "no way" to him, turned my bike around and walked it around the outside of the rope gate. He came over to me again trying to get 5 soles I just looked at him and said "no, senor" started my bike and crossed the bridge to Bolivia where a sign stating "efficiency and transparency" stood next to the entry station. I took a picture of smiled, and gave out a Woohoo! I´m in the right mind frame to enjoy this country and so far it has been great. Beautiful road, incredible mountains with snow capped peaks and che guevara books on sale on the corner in LA PAZ.

life is good.

MALAYUYU a Tu, Peru!!!
(it is a panamanian saying that means bad luck)

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