Monday, May 14, 2007

Lake titicaca

We are on a boat on lake titicaca. We just visited the uros floating reed islands. Much pollution this side of the lake. We finally met someone really nice in Peru....and he was Bolivian!

Don't trust anyone or anything in peru, but the sights are incredible. Clara ended up in a disgusting rut yesterday filled with street sewage. She and the bike smelled worse than the many PERUVIAN FISH factories which meant we got to clean the bikes in puno, and a clean bike is a happy bike! We can't wait to goto Bolivia hopefully wednesday.

Were about to offer some coco leaves to the mother god of lake titicaca....beavis and buttheads favorite lake, the highest navihgable lake in the world.
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Anonymous said...

heh heh, he said titicaca, heh heh

wow, Machu Picchu looks amazing

how are the bikes running?


Anonymous said...

That's Big Jim...or Big Loser to you