Saturday, July 28, 2007

Back to the north

We passed the meridian yesterday stopping for a photo. The first time our bikes had been north of the equator in many months.
It was a day of firsts. First sloth we saw on the road, first time we saw five people on a 125 motorcycle (twice!), and in Boa Vista first time I saw a woman walking around naked from the waist down in public.
The highway was so bad with potholes that they dislodged by backpack and handlebars. My bars kept getting closer and closer to the ground until I finally had to start humming the War song "lowrider" to myself and hoping the bars wouldn't loosen to the point of flapping freely. I would have fixed them but the mounting bolts are a reverse six sided star bolt, the only ones on the bike and I knew I didn't have the socket.
An extremely friendly crew at the honda shop not only straightened me out, but found us a discounted hotel as well!

On to vevezuela today, hoping to run into boston city councilor felix arroyo who spends more time there than he does chairing his own committees.
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