Monday, July 30, 2007

Knock knock to brazil

We made it into venezuala two days ago and the change has been big. Different landscape, different attitudes, perfect roads and cheap gas!

It is amazing what 10 cents per gallon for 95 octane unleaded plus some twisty curves can do for ones inner motorcycling psyche.

We are in BOLIVAR about to take a 3 day trek to Angel Falls the biggest (by height) waterfall in the world. Named for johnny angel the american gold prospector who got his plane stuck on the top of the tepuis there.

Definitely a second rate police state here with checkpoints all over checking our passports, and even having to give our passport number to buy a $5 lunch with cash.

Did I mention the ten cent per gallon gas????
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Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, clara...hope it's a good one! All the best to you and Kevin!