Saturday, October 6, 2007

Bitten in transylvania

As we were riding out of Transylvania today, something quickly and viciously bit my neck. I almost crashed the immediate pain was so strong! I quickly pulled over and had Clara take a picture of it before rubbing garlic, I mean teatree oil, on the wound to make it better. I don't feel undead (yet) but it is also not yet midnight here in Vaslui near the Moldovan border.

There have been some pretty views and uncluttered roads here in Eastern Romania, definitely gave out some yoohhhoooo's today. Very poor here with people selling potatoes and mushrooms on the sides of the roads.

The funniest thing in Vienna was the only 20 minutes of video of Freud and his family known to exist. At one point one of his older well dressed relatives reaches over and points at his wifes frock. When she looks down, he does the 'flick up' with the "made you look gesture". It was truly classic, for the ages. As my friend Chuck would say "the old ones are the good ones, that is why they are the old ones!"

Don't tip in Romanian restaurans, they don't expect it and it isn't worth it!

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