Monday, October 8, 2007

Interrogation rooms and Islam

What a day! We started in a soviet tourist hotel in Moldova, went through 3 interrogation shakedown rooms to get through the breakaway republic of Transdinestr (find that on the map!), before Clara decided she had had enough corruption and payola, stared down 2 guards with guns; meanwhile I grabbed our passports and we got on our motorcycles and blew by the security guard as he was insisting we give him our passports, hoping the Ukrainians wouldn't turn us back.

Very Scary! Clara was amazing, I was ready to pay the guys off but she would have none of it, and was able to out-bluff them. It seems Colombians are tougher than renegade Soviets!

We got to Ukraine, drove to Odessa and what luck there was the once weekly ferry to Istanbul leaving in 2 hours. We decided we have had enough of Eastern Europe and we are ready for Islam and the Middle East.

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