Monday, October 1, 2007

If its October, it must be Austria!

Knock, Knock
Who is there?
Germany Who?

We finally had a beautiful riding day today as we left our new best friend Jan Loesche in Munich. Jan took 4 years riding around the world, and feels indebted to all those who helped him along the way. We were the recipients of his largesse, not only did he let us stay with him he went away to a wedding for the weekend and left us the keys to his place!!!

We arrived in Vienna, Austria today and I am blown away by the amazing buildings, Greek Revival, Baroque. They are huge, impressive and in great shape. We also got the biggest Schnitzel I have ever had for about $8.

We have now been on the road for 7 months, 24 or 27 countries depending on whether you count Wales, Northern Ireland, Scotland, etc. Over 22,000 miles.

We headed up the road to Prague in the Czech Republic on Friday but were repelled about an hour into the trip by fierce wind, nasty rain, bullet like hail and bumper to bumper traffic. The death blow was finding out we hadn't packed the passports and vehicle registrations. I know everyone in Europe is supposed to be friends, but I'd rather not be without ID or Documents in a country the US may use to torture people in.

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