Tuesday, October 2, 2007

More from Vienna

Today we woke up early and were the first people at the American Consulate wanting to do some "official" business. We were trying to be proactive in getting a letter we think we are going to need in order to get our visa for Pakistan. At first, we were flatly refused help by the Austrian consulate staff member, but I was persistent and in the end we got what we needed, hopefully. Then we went to see the famed Lipizzaner horses doing their morning workout and then headed to Freud's former home, now the Freud Museum. We took a short video just to try downloading it onto our blog. Here it is. (by the way, if this works, it will open up a whole new frontier of blogging for us, so let us know how it looks!)

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Bill Zeoli said...

Just because you have not heard from me in awhile does not mean that I'm not reading every word of the blog. Simply amazing. How are you ever going to go back to the same world that you left back in March? It seems like you should just continue to be world goodwill ambassadors for the rest of your days....
Go Sox!