Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Sleeping in a tent in Budapest!

Although we had dinner with the Pests, we are sleeping with the Buda's. We crossed the Danube 4 times today which reminds me of my favorite joke:

Knock, knock.

Who is there?

Austria and Slovakia.

Austria and Slovakia who?


Slovakia had a low lying medium grade smog throughout the whole country. The day was grey and overcast, appropriate for our first foray into the former iron curtain.

I was happy though, feeling like the adventure was reborn. Clara spoke at a stoplight, "I know you are loving this!". Yes, it was bad roads, crazy drivers, foul belching vehicles (we don't like them but they are indicators of the second and third worlds) in short, the chance of something unknown around the corner, free from MCD'S, PIZZA HUT, BURGER KING, ETC.

We really like Budapest, a real fun vibe, and incredibly beautiful. But the weather is nice and we have miles to make: tomorrow we head towards Romania and Transylvania, just before Halloween!

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