Monday, December 31, 2007

New Years in Islamabad

Pakistan has calmed down and returned to normal today. We went another 180 miles north today to Rawalpindi where Bhutto was killed and into Islamabad the capital. We hooked up with Kathy and James, fellow motorcyclists who unfortunately couldn't get us into the Canadian Embassy party.

However, we were treated to dinner by a kindred soul, a local columnist and TV personality Mr. Fasi Zaka. He fascinated us with insight into Pakistan, a funny story about Chelsea Clinton during his time at Oxford as a Rhodes Scholar, and impressed us with his optimism about the role a strong and free press has had in Pakistan.

The roads are less chaotic here, with few 4 legged obstacles and everyone going the same way on the highway. Police and the army are everywhere. Pakistan is kind of like India without color or cows! However, they do an amazing job of painting the buses and especially trucks with multicolor designs of eagles, tigers, Love signs and other things. No square inch is untouched.

Tomorrow probably the NWFP where we will look for Osama and get that 25 million dollar reward!

PS: We send hearty Happy New Year's wishes to Mamita, Joanne, Humberto, Mariano, Meighan, Luis, Brendan and all our family and friends.

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