Sunday, December 30, 2007

We're still Alive!

Pakistan seems to be calming a bit. Clara didn't like the $6.50 special hostel last night so we walked around this morning and decided on the National after seeing some real dumps.
In two hours of walking around we saw only 2 other women, accompanied of course. People stare at us, and especially at Clara. And not just because of her moviestar beauty.
After we moved hotels we rode around the basically empty town and saw the sights. We found a couple cautiously open gas stations, and a couple overtly open ones. Many people were enjoying the large park by the old fort, where many were playing cricket.
Clara felt a bit uncomfortable by the attention so she rested in the afternoon while I went to the zoo. Clara found the Patriots game on espn and got to see her first NFL game of the year, and she was in agreement with the announcers who called him a stud.
The zoo had many animals but was depressing as people fed and harassed the animals. However their elephant, Suzi, was quite impressive. She collected tips from the crowd, played the harmonica and let those who were interested to touch her amazing trunk.
I wish we could train humans as well as animals can be trained. Maybe humans could be trained to not leave trash everywhere, and to poison our environment.
Our power has gone off 4 times tonight so far, and the city doesn't provide water from 10 pm to 6 am.
The USA sure looked good on the tube!
We ended the evening watching the press conference announcing the new 19 year old head of the People's Political Party. Then there was the analysts sitting around discussing. The governor of Punjab saying that Musharraf was legally in charge, and to just wait for elections. A columnist and supposed friend of Musharraf said that the country hadn't been legitimate since 1973 because of an illegal constitution, and a young lawyer tried to explain how nothing Musharraf had done was legal and he should resign. It devolved into people getting disrespected and talking in circles about nothing.

And Nero fiddled away....
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